Every Vertu is handmade from a selection of the finest materials and built to our meticulously high standards, to be uncompromisingly robust. These tips can ensure your Vertu maintains its exceptional appearance and performance.

  • Keep your Vertu dry. Liquids or moisture can contain minerals capable of corroding electronic circuits. If your Vertu does get wet, remove the battery¹. Allow the handset to dry completely before replacing the battery.

    ¹Note that Signature T, Aster, Constellation V, Vertu Ti and Constellation T do not have user removable batteries. Please contact Vertu Customer Service.
  • Don't use or store your Vertu in dirty or dusty areas. Particles of dust can damage moving parts and electronic components.
  • Don't store your Vertu anywhere too cold. When the phone returns to its normal temperature, condensation can form inside and damage the electronics.
  • Don't try to open your Vertu other than as instructed in the User Guide.
  • Don't drop, knock or shake your Vertu. Rough handling can break internal electronics and fine mechanics, as well as damaging the exterior.
  • We recommend that you store your Vertu in one of our compatible cases when it's not being used.